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Posted by amino on 15.04.2007 at16:35:

  Nurburgring Anniversary meet in July (Tee shirts)

im am gatherthing some info to see if anyone is interested in me producing some anniversary tee shirts to celebrate the car and to celebrate the trip. If you are interested in a tee shirt please leave your name on this thread I have created on pumapeople england:



Posted by Scorpion on 15.04.2007 at17:22:

  RE: Nurburgring Anniversary meet in July (Tee shirts)

Hi Amino Wave

Great! How should look your shirts?

PS: The organisers (aprox. 8 persons) of this meeting had own shirts smile

Posted by amino on 20.04.2007 at01:46:

  RE: Nurburgring Anniversary meet in July (Tee shirts)

Hey buddy, here are the final drafts

The design can be seen here:


final shirt will most likely be black in tee shirt and POSSIBLY polo shirt (mit collar). If you are interested in having one to celebrate the event please leave your name here:

if any of your members would like one, please tell them to put there name here and what size and what type (tee shirt or polo shirt)


thanks, any problems let me know!

Posted by Roadrunner on 21.04.2007 at18:42:


Hey amino

we have a internal thread and now we are by over 30 shirts for the Puma Team Europe Members.


Posted by amino on 14.05.2007 at02:07:


hi guys,

An update.

I have the final design (except the pumapeople.com) as I am waiting for the banner, but this is what it is:


I am picking up equipment this weekend so I can give accurate sizes and cost.
What I need now is whoever is doing the order for your members to post here:


how many shirts you would like, if its tee shirt or polo neck, and sizes. I need this information by friday 18.5.07 to know how many of each shirts to order.

many thanks guys and I look forward to seeing you all in July smile

Posted by Scorpion on 14.05.2007 at22:23:


Hi amino

The shirts looks well! Augenzwinkern

Please give us your emailaddress, so our members can order vie email to you.

But the deathline 18.5. is to short because some members are not online daily.

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