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Last 2 Posts

I saw this entry right now. How it lokes like? Any progress?

I didn't know any puma with automatic clutch.

But a related uncle of my neighbour had the same problem by paraplegia. He had manufacture some parts of his car.
By turning his gearshifter he will accelerate, by pressing a button on the shifter he handle the clutch. So he only has to use his left hand to steer and blink. An with his right hand he handle the clutch, the accelaerator and the gaerbox.

I don't know if this will help you.

greets René
shadowfax82 Fragezeichen Adapting my puma...


Let me introduce myself, I'm Antonio Lorenzo, an owner of a silver Ford Puma 1.4i 90cv, and member of the "Club Ford Puma España".

18 months ago, I had a very serious accident, which I recovered pretty well, but lost both legs. Now that I'm in the final process of rehabilitation, I will adapt my puma. People tell me that I should sell it and buy an automatic car (it will be easier to adjust), but I want to keep driving this so unique car.

There are two options:
1) Convert the puma in a car with automatic gearbox.
2) Put an electric clutch.

I need to know if the ford puma existed with an automatic gearbox. If so, I would like to know exactly which engine, gearbox and electronics have to put the same thing.

Another option that my friends in the "Club Ford Puma España" are giving to me is to make a swap with an automatic Ford Fiesta (mk4 or Mk5) 1.25i 75hp (taking engine, gearbox and electronics and put it in my puma). Do you see this change feasible? Won't there be problems in the adaptation?

If the fist option didn't work, I could always put an electric clutch, but since I will carry all the hand controls (throttle and brake), I would forget the clutch for driving.

Thank you very much in advance. Regards,

Antonio (sorry for my english; I'm using Google Translator).

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